Financial regulators in Singapore and Switzerland have signed a fintech co-operation agreement, pledging help and support to startups entering each jurisdiction. Check out this article and get the latest digital stories. Enjoy the read.

Singapore and Switzerland forge fintech pact


The two authorities say the agreement will help to create opportunities for fintech businesses from Singapore and Switzerland to expand into each other’s markets. Read more

The Silicon Valley marketing training

The Next Web

As businesses build their web presence and outreach, social media is essential for engaging users and boosting revenue. Read more

Chromebooks are about to transform laptop design


Google’s first Chromebook was the kind of laptop you’d design if you didn’t give a damn about laptop design. Read more

Reuters is embracing content automation


Reuters is the latest major news agency to embrace content automation. Reuters isn’t replacing human reporters and editors with software and self-flying cameras quite yet. Read more

Lightroom gives the latest iPhones RAW support


Adobe has launched Lightroom 2.5 for iOs 10 with a big new feature - support for capture and editing of RAW files in the "DNG" format. Read more 

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