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Meet the diverse people at blue-infinity that help make us distinctive. Alex Grazioli is an active member of our software development team. He works mainly with Java and focuses on front and back-end development. He has been involved in significant projects for Orsay and the WHO.

Originally from Italy, Alex lived in Germany prior to joining blue-infinity in June 2015. He is family oriented and has a passion for skiing, hiking and mountain-climbing. “I enjoy engaging with people inside and outside of work. I am an engineer and my approach is to provide solutions. What matters to me the most is interacting with people from different backgrounds and communicating effectively while working on projects.

Alex describes himself as open-minded and a problem solver as he likes to solve technical issues through discussion. As a senior software developer, He has collaborated on projects involving documentation, graphical work, and software development, above all maintaining good relationships with his mentor and team members. His expert skills involve Java, JavaScript and Angular.

With a strong background in telecommunication equipment, Alex started his career at Pirelli to develop solutions for Swisscom, and later DuPont. His experience was valuable as this strengthened his expertise in software development. He moved to Germany and worked mainly on embedded systems. “Living in Germany was a rewarding experience as it enabled me to grow personally.”

In 2008, Alex worked on front and back-end development for home automation systems where he developed the HTML template for the system. “My engineering background and my knowledge in service providers then led me to a career in web and marketing development.”

Alex believes that ‘passionately digital’ is “something that you believe in and that you have fun doing. I think that there is creativity involved and this can be linked to creating the data structure for software development.” Alex sees himself growing both personally and professionally at blue-infinity and would like to master French.

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