Actions speak louder than mission statements. If a UX feels more like “User Exploitation” than “User Experience,” business becomes ripe for disruption. Profitability predicated on customer friction, intrusion, and irritation simply isn’t sustainable. That’s why digital services in general make superior templates for evaluating business model design.

Why UX always has to come first

Harvard Business Review

Entwining real-time data and predictive analytics allow organisations to quickly calculate and calibrate trade-offs between experiential and exploitive UXs. Read more

Google’s AI translation system

The Verge

Google is one of the leading providers of artificial intelligence-assisted language translation, and the company now says a new technique for doing so is vastly improving the results. Read more

Five tricks to manage your hybrid cloud

The Register

If you have a hybrid infrastructure you need to be particularly careful when you define and implement your policies and procedures. Read more

How to Use Twitter Cards for Business

Social Media Examiner

Twitter cards help you attract more attention in the news feed, mine valuable analytics, and get better results from your ads. Read more

Discover Facebook at work

Digital Trends

Facebook is reportedly planning to launch its “At Work” enterprise communications network within the next few weeks. Read more


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