Digital transformation is upon us. Technology leaders must determine how much of next year's budget will drive internal and external innovation to meet staff and customer needs. Check out this article and get the latest digital stories. Enjoy the read.

Is the IT budget ready to power digital transformation?

ZD Net

Evolving customer preferences, opportunities for growth in new markets, and competitive pressure are the top drivers of digital innovation for companies. Read more

Improving search rankings with social media

Social Media Examiner

Social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) are undoubtedly connected and will only become more interdependent in the future. Read more

How do brands use digital marketing to reach the older generation?

Econsultancy blog 

New research has revealed that 27% of consumers over the age of 55 feel brands are too focused on targeting younger people. Read more

InkHunter’s AR tattoo app exits beta on Androids


The start-up is looking to move beyond being just an app for virtually trying tattoos - eyeing a b2b play. Read more

Google couldn’t stop copying competition even if it wanted to

Business Insider UK

Google is simply safeguarding its most important line of business, no matter how the world changes around it. Read more

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