Modern-day hotel managers require seamless integration. Information consumption has changed completely over the past decade, and now, hotel managers expect their everyday habits to become integrated into their work lives. Check out this article and get the latest digital stories. Enjoy the read

The coupling of mobility and connectivity

Digital - Skift

The integration of cross-device capabilities has become paramount to decision-making, especially as the millennial workforce continues to rise within the hospitality industry. Read more 

Facebook launches Yarn, a JavaScript package manager

The Next Web

The company says its new creation promises faster and more reliable installs than the massively popular npm. Read more 

YouTube crushed TV in total debate viewership 


Conventional wisdom holds that whoever wins the presidential debate has a leg up in the race. But in the digital age, winning the online conversation about the debate matters just as much. Read more

What if there were more women in tech?

BBC News

The world could be a very different place if there were more women working in tech. Read more

Amazon comes for Spotify with cheaper music subscriptions


Amazon has just launched its long-awaited Spotify competitor, Amazon Music Unlimited. Read more

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