The retail market has now evolved beyond ‘omni-channel’ and ‘multi-channel’. The burgeoning capabilities of API orchestration and its ability to harmonise data from an unlimited range of sources means that the industry is effectively inhabiting a post-channel world. Check out this article and get the latest digital stories.​ Enjoy the read.

Connecting online with offline experience


As we move towards a shopping environment which doesn’t discriminate between online and offline, there are a few items that should be on every retailer's technical to-do list. Read more 

Why should social media crisis response be adjusted?


A successful response to an outcry should depend not only on the particular situation faced but on the identity of the apologising company in the minds of its customers. Read more

A tattoo-like biosensor measures body alcohol levels

The Register

It resembles a temporary tattoo, but is actually a biosensor patch that is embedded with several flexible wireless components. Read more

Micro:bit computer will be launched worldwide

The Next Web

The programmable computer has found its way into the hands of more than one million children, and is a core part of computing education in the UK. Read more

A peek inside Google’s first pop-up shop

Digital Trends

The space will be open on 20th October to tempt people into buying Google’s Pixel phones, Daydream View VR headset, Google Home, and Chromecast Ultra. Read more

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