This week Microsoft released an updated version of its Cognitive Toolkit as an open source Beta, used to speed advances in areas such as speech and image recognition. Check out this article and get the latest digital stories. ​ Enjoy the read.

Microsoft open sources AI toolkit


The latest version of the toolkit includes new functionality that lets developers use Python or C ++ programming languages in working with the system. Read more

How to crack China with programmatic ad buying 


China’s unique ecosystem means that international brands can’t adopt a ‘business as usual’ approach to reach its tantalisingly large population. Read more

An ingenious smart pen and ruler from Misfit 


It's the debut product from a company that wants to rethink the tools of measurement and data. The Instrumments Zero 1 comes in three versions - a stylus, pencil, and roller-ball pen. Read more

Twitter facilitates customer service 


Twitter is rolling out quick replies and welcome messages for businesses who communicate with their customers via DMs. Read more

Instagram wants you to shop in its app 


The new effort is less about trying to take on Amazon but more about trying to replicate the real-life experience of heading to the mall and finding something you want. Read more

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