Now the shock is beginning to subside, attention is moving to how Donald Trump's policies - including those for Silicon Valley - will play out over his four, possibly eight-year stint as president. Check out this article and get the latest digital stories.​ Enjoy the read.

What Trump means for tech

 BBC News

With Mr Trump, the future leaves many uncertainties. While we can draw a lot from what he has said in the past, more difficult is separating freewheeling campaigning Trump from measured, lawmaking Trump. Read more 

Google Cloud Platform expands with new Tokyo Region 

Data Center Knowledge

Google Cloud Platform launched its new asia-northeast region from Tokyo on Tuesday to boost its performance in the booming Asian market. Read more 

Shining light on Facebook’s AI strategy 


Large companies like Facebook play an incredibly important role in the artificial intelligence and machine learning ecosystem. Read more 

Guiding principles for social customer service 


Good customer service is the pinnacle of engagement, word of mouth and repeat purchase, and these interactions have been revolutionised by social media. Read more 

Wirelessly charging a drone in flight 

BBC Click

Researchers at Imperial College London have demonstrated that they can wirelessly power a drone while it is flying. Read more

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