Gavi & blue-infinity - the road to Dreamforce

blue-infinity attended Dreamforce, where Mr David Nix, CKO Gavi presented the goals and challenges of digitising stakeholder management, and blue-infinity's role in helping Gavi achieve success.

Gavi is an international organisation based in Geneva responsible for making sure children get immunised in developing countries across the world. Their goal is to make sure children have access to vaccines, that health systems are strong enough to support their delivery, and that they can work with manufacturers to help shape the vaccine markets.

Gavi presents at Dreamforce

Mr David Nix, CKO Gavi recently presented our combined project at Dreamforce (video), outlining the goals and challenges of digitising stakeholder management. “We have both a Country Portal specifically for countries implementing vaccine programs, and a Partner Portal for the WHO, UNICEF and the like, who work with Gavi.” These systems, developed by blue-infinity, allow online multilingual access to over 73 countries for grant management including new funding, reviewing performance and renewing grants.

To date, Gavi have immunized close to 800M children, reduced mortality from 73 down to 63/1000, and averted 4M+ deaths. To help achieve these impressive results, Gavi embarked in early 2015 on a large digital transformation initiative with blue-infinity.

Digital transformation with blue-infinity

“We’re working across various different constituencies. So whenever we can provide access to funding and do that faster we can actually save more children’s lives” says Mr Nix. blue-infinity are Gavi’s main partner on this ambitious initiative and according to Mr Nix “We have been fortunate to have blue-infinity….that have been as dedicated to the mission of saving children’s lives as they have been to implementing Salesforce.  When we look at what we are doing with communities, I think that has been a huge part of being successful with our programs.”

Personas and UX

One of the tenets of Gavi’s success is that digitisation of these tools is not just about releasing a website. “The key is knowing how to engage with your stakeholders. If not, you will fall short in terms of delivering a solution for them” says Mr Nix. blue-infinity’s team of UX experts have helped define the interface and primary user personas of the portal, so that stakeholder expectations can be optimised.

UX is not different outside the community portals, which is important for engagement; Gavi can now manage this through a very common UI. “We do translation at an astounding scale into four different languages. The way for engagement is to do this in their own language, for 73 countries.”


blue-infinity’s Salesforce team have deployed a Service Cloud to ensure rigorous monitoring of vaccine cases, a support backbone that reassures the expanding community. “We use the SF Service Cloud to track all of the cases and provide customer support through the community” says Mr Nix.

For Mr Nix, digital is a “total blurring of business practice, data and technology. Your users are out there and they don’t know the difference” he says. “They are talking about how they are trying to work with you. That’s the concept of digital.”

Watch the video of David Nix at Dreamforce.

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