We congratulate Rodrigo Pinto and Marius Constantinescu who, as two Top 25 European SharePoint Influencers for 2016, mark the 6th iteration of an esteemed list of thought leaders who showcase the power and value that individuals bring to the Microsoft ecosystem.

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Top 25 European SharePoint Influencers for 2016 announced

blue-infinity influencers Rodrigo and Marius get down into the SharePoint trenches to help customers, partners and end users navigate the increasingly complex mobile first, cloud first world. Read more

What websites know about you, just from the way you browse

Fastco Design

You probably know that the websites you visit, even this one, track your behaviors in some capacity. They can analyse your behavior and tell it's you visiting a site. Read more

The 6 Ds of tech disruption: A Guide to the Digital Economy


Technology is disrupting traditional industrial processes, and they're never going back. This disruption is filled with opportunity for forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Read more

Brexit's good for tech, Brexit's bad for tech


Before the vote, UK tech was earmarked as one of the industries that would experience the brunt of the impact. When asking 50 technology companies, only one supported the Leave campaign. Read more

Be careful, there's a fake Google out there


When using a search engine as popular and trusted as Google, you probably don't think twice about the safety of the domain. Read more

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