There is a lot of focus on looking at the means by which humans learn and using these insights to make machines smarter, making the entire basis for artificial neural networks, which try to replicate a simple model of the human brain inside a machine.

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Robots helping uncover how kids learn

Digital Trends

Researchers are looking to understand how young kids learn new words so they programmed a humanoid robot called iCub, with a microphone and camera. Read more

Spotify using billboards to call users out

The Next Web

In a hilarious new marketing campaign, Spotify is taking to billboards to pose some rather serious questions about its users! Read more

5 elements of a successful social media picture

Social Media Today

In any lead generation or social media marketing campaign, you need to put your best face forward. Read more

Front-end dev future is in design


While building new products has never been easier, creating products that users love remains a massive challenge, requiring a deep understanding of your intended users. Read more   

Facebook's instant games work in Messenger


The social network has launched its HTML5 cross-platform gaming experience called Instant Games. Read more


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