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Nathalie Cauvi, Art Director, recently returned to Madagascar to assist underprivileged people in the local community, alongside an NGO association, AFDI, and supported by blue-infinity through a donation of computer hardware.

Agriculteurs Francais et Développement International (AFDI) aims to create a sustainable partnership between agriculture sectors of France and developing countries. Every two months, the French association visits Manakara to establish long-term development projects and monitor their progress. It's a French NGO, a kind of "peasants without borders" that help other peasants.

Nathalie also worked with KTTF: a Madagascan NGO that works with the AFDI for the exportation of honey to France and importantly, for the management of the honey cooperative. "The cooperative provides access to training and equipment for the extraction of honey in European standards. A hive becomes an important source of income for Madagascan families" she says.

"I was part of a small group, with a professional beekeeper, there to help detect varroa (bee parasite) and train peasants in its treatment. That's why we see a lot of bees on the pictures!"

Three computers from blue-infinity were donated to the NGO KTTF at the CRAM (Malagasy Peasants Association) and the Vohindava Commune for teaching children.

Photos courtesy of Nathalie Cauvi.

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