Customer journey mapping, AI, VR and design; how do the experts see UX changing in 2017? Check out this article and get the latest digital stories.

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UX in 2017: What do the experts predict?


In 2017, more brands will take a different approach when it comes to redesigning their online experience. Read more

Swiss Sophia Genetics next data analytics winner?​ 


Big Data is increasingly relevant for healthcare, and the potential for diagnostics is huge. Read more

Hunt for fastest growing EU startup​

The Next Web

Ecosystems all over the continent are maturing at an extreme pace, providing a launchpad for tech companies like Transferwise, Foodpanda and iZettle. Read more

This year Twitter learns to thrive or dies​


As Twitter heads into the new year, it has a new COO and product head, and other fresh new faces have come onboard. Read more

With drone and mattress, let's rebuild a town​

Digital Trends

Celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart latest project started with a weird idea: using a drone and a mattress to rebuild a burned-out town. Read more

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