Transforming the Future through People & Data

With a packed agenda in San Francisco last week, we share some of the key takeaways from the Dentsu Aegis Network Global Leadership Conference. This year’s theme was focused on Transforming the Future through People & Data. 

1. Setting Records with Financial Results

“The Group is well placed with a clear strategy and plan, robust revenue growth and strong momentum; we expect to continue to outperform the market in the years ahead” said Toshihiro Yamamoto, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dentsu Inc. Dentsu Aegis Network outperformed the peer group (WPP, IPG, Omnicom, Havas, Publicis) for the fifth year consecutively with organic gross profit growth of 5.7% (5.1% for Dentsu Group).

2. Data makes us Better

​As society enters the fourth industrial revolution — where technologies blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological worlds — the way we live, work, and relate to one another will fundamentally change. Every industry will be disrupted, creating new challenges and opportunities.

3. People make us Different

As Peter Drucker famously claimed: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. This couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to activating DAN's ambitious people-led data strategy. CEO Jerry Buhlmann re-emphasised the commercial value of DAN's culture & values given the positive results that approach drives throughout their business. These values also bolster DAN's acquisition strategy, ensuring they recruit the right agencies & people to live by their values. 70% of brand leaders stay with the network post earn-out, a clear sign of a healthy culture.

4. Respect the Craft

"Data is fundamental to our creative strategy, and alongside it", as Jean Lin CEO Isobar called out, “We must respect the craft”. She went further to claim “Consumers and brands will need great ideas now more than ever”, as technology propels us into the future where data & noise are exponential.

5. Society as our Stakeholder

By adopting a society-first mindset, the network can, and is, driving real change for the better. Society is therefore one of its key stakeholders going forward. With the World Economic Forum estimating $100 trillion dollars of value by 2025 for business & society through the development of the digital economy, it is DAN's responsibility as a network to ensure that that growth of wealth is spread across both business and society.

Source: Dentsu Aegis Network Global Leadership Conference

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