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The latest trend report from the world’s leading Out-of-Home Communications agency, Posterscope, of Dentsu Aegis Network. Take a read!

With 2017 set to become an evolutionary year for Out of Home (OOH), industry leader Posterscope USA has published its key predictions for the year to come, one that the agency believes will lead to dramatic advancements in how OOH media is planned, purchased and consumed.

“The coming year will be defined by technology, availability of data and emphasis on digital,” said Jeff Tan, Vice President of Strategy for Posterscope, “We see OOH moving from the advertising medium it is today to a viable communications channel rivaling any other when it comes to connecting brands with audiences in an intimate and highly personalized and customized way.”

Here are the first three of Posterscope’s 2017 predictions for the OOH industry: 

From Owned to Open Data:

The growing availability of data will continue to have a profound impact on how OOH campaigns are planned. But instead of being owned, data will become open and shareable, ultimately resulting in more effective and efficiently planned cross-channel campaigns. The evolution of data sharing will benefit all media types and allow OOH to move out of the silo and become more seamlessly integrated into broader digital strategies.

Location, Social and Live Data:

Advancements in live behavioral data tracking will allow OOH to be more predictive and understand where a specific audience is likely to be and what type of messaging will inspire a favorable and memorable interaction. By using affinity modeling of locations along with social and mobile data, agencies can better understand real-time behavior and allow brands to deliver more targeted messaging on a mass scale.

Relevance Not Optional:

Today’s consumer expects and demands to be fed content that has relevance and resonance. Serving the right content to the right audience is no longer optional. In the coming year, those in OOH who haven’t already will come on board to this reality. By leveraging geo-based social data and real-time platforms, the delivery of dynamic, contextual content will become the norm, not just the highlight of a few award-winning campaigns.

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About Posterscope: 
Posterscope is a full service out of home communications specialist with 700 people in 48 offices across 27 countries. US offices include New York, Los Angeles and Detroit. Posterscope is at the vanguard of cutting edge developments in OOH such as digital, programmatic, and OOH interactivity. Clients include: General Motors, Mastercard, Disney, The Home Depot, Red Bull, Adidas among others. 

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Posterscope is a full service out of home communications specialist with 700 people in 48 offices across 27 countries.