Global Azure Bootcamp 2017

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 #GlobalAzure is a free one-day training event, taking place on 22nd April 2017, driven by blue-infinity, Microsoft, and the Azure community.

blue-infinity is proud to co-host this event in Geneva, which connects with more than 240 locations worldwide simultaneously. Discover the program of the event and sign up to take part.

As co-organiser Marius Constantinescu explains, "This is an awesome time to be gathering experts and amateurs alike across the world, and providing a learning opportunity for all. Azure is hot right now and we're pleased to bring ke speakers from Microsfot and the Community to delve into the most exciting topics."

About this year's edition

This year Microsoft Azure experts are focusing on build a Community of Communities. Their goal is to existing user groups to gather interested members and for new user groups to form around Azure and Cloud Computing.  

Why Global Azure Bootcamp 2017?

To help technical communities and developers get started with Microsoft Azure. It can benefit beginners as well as experienced developers to receive the support they need in developing and deploying for and in the cloud, at the same time strengthening the Azure community at large.

Rainer Stropek, MVP and Local Event Organiser adds “With the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp we can show Microsoft, as well as the market, which power hides behind communities in an impressive way. Even for global players like Microsoft itself it wouldn't be easy to organize such an event by themselves. The community makes it happen.“

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