Marketing Automation: the ultimate weapon?

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud team explain how Marketing Automation plays an important role when it comes to inbound marketing, in a multichannel mode.

Although Digital Marketing is not a new phenomenon, it is often misunderstood. Beyond a mere web presence, Digital Marketing can fulfil a range of highly important business needs to respond to today's digital customers, including analysing performance, targeting communication actions and converting prospects.

Many companies are not optimising their use of new digital marketing tools in the way that they should; one such method for better handling a myriad of Digital Marketing needs is through Marketing Automation, as the ultimate weapon to respond to competition, also integrating AI and machine learning capabilities.

Marketing Automation plays an important role when it comes to inbound marketing in a multichannel mode and involves the use of software such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to establish and manage comprehensive marketing campaigns. Marketing Automation simple and effectively enables actions that are more complicated in classic marketing. As part of the Salesforce ecosystem, Marketing Cloud offers various services in marketing automation, email marketing and social media management.

blue-infinity: the leader in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With a total of 120 dedicated Salesforce experts, blue-infinity Linked by Isobar is a Salesforce Platinum Partner and the largest Marketing Cloud integrator in Switzerland. Alongside Salesforce's powerful CRM solution, our team integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud with a range of features like email studio, social studio, web studio, advertising studio, content and contact builder, and data analysis via analytics builder.

“Thanks to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, our clients have the ability to develop complex customer journeys in the simplest possible way” says Jean-François Stalder, SFDC Marketing Practice Manager.

As an added-value, Marketing Cloud integrates directly with Salesforce (Sales and Service Cloud), facilitating an exchange of information with the CRM, but also possibilities for powerful reporting and analysis integrated into Salesforce.

Since the acquisition of Radian6, ExactTarget, Pardot, Buddy Media and Krux, Salesforce is now a major player in the world of analytics, AI and machine learning. Jean-François says "By integrating the Krux platform, Salesforce Marketing Cloud now allows us to ingest and analyse a wide variety of customer data from different devices." 

Personalised customer journeys are more intuitive with artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. "Deeply predictive analysis through AI like Einstein is personalising the customer journey, and now every marketing specialist can provide the right content to the right audience through the right channel, at the right time" he adds.

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Frédéric Demierre
Frédéric Demierre

Fred heads the largest competency centre in Switzerland. His team of experts provide solutions for brands to improve their sales, customer relationships and customer services, with packaged e-commerce and Salesforce solutions that cover the entire sales cycle.