The advent of "big data" has led businesses into what seems like a new age of reason. We have the technology now to quantify our world in endless rational ways.

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In the age of feeling, by the number is not enough

Campaign US

“Real people don't behave as rationally or as predictably as the data might suggest”, writes the global CEO and CCO of gyro. Read more

The next big thing for agencies: digital transformation


Brand Equity met Jane Lin-Baden, CEO – APAC, Isobar, to talk at length about digitalisation. Read more

Facebook builds a VR space, but will anyone come?


Facebook announced the beta launch of Facebook Spaces, a new app that allows users to connect with friends and colleagues in an interactive virtual reality environment. Read more

A map of the typographic universe, drawn by AI​

The visualisation combines powerful algorithms and the wisdom of type designers. Read more

How can brands take part in mobile moments? 


Econsultancy asked marketers whether they work to engineer mobile moments which reflect well on their brand. Read more

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