blue-infinity Salesforce Academy flourishing

Our new partnership with the IPL Instituto Politécnico de Leiria is helping young talent begin an exciting career with us - and ensures our Salesforce expertise remains second-to-none.

Fuelled by rising demand for blue-infinity's complete suite of Salesforce solutions, our Digital CRM expertise is expanding significantly - and rapidly. To foster this growth and attract the best and brightest minds, we’re proud to announce our partnership with the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria and establish our Salesforce Academy program, out of blue-infinity’s Leiria offices.

Our Academy is already attracting young talent to help kick-start their careers, acting in a number of ways to stimulate marketing, creative and technical skills:

  • Internships & Mentoring: Salesforce is the perfect ecosystem for interns to learn about the platform whilst addressing real client needs, from workshop management to talent review. Our most senior developers provide one-on-one mentoring, hands on technical training, knowledge sharing, and soft skills.
  • Giving Back: We’re developing projects with local NGOs that will benefit from CRM, providing interns an opportunity to design systems and processes with a “digital” first approach in real life scenarios, whilst giving back to the community – part of the Salesforce Partner Ohana Values
  • Open Days: The chance for candidates to shadow our teams and experience day-to-day blue-infinity life, covering all the major project stages and practical application of theoretical concepts learned during tertiary study.

Our first Academy has been a success; half of our interns are now Salesforce Certified Professionals and are successfully participating across several blue-infinity projects. When their internship concludes, they will help us continue the next round, keeping a close relationship with the Polytechnic and discovering new collaboration opportunities. 

We look forward to our second season!

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About the author

António Alvim

A multidisciplinary software engineer, Antonio is a Managing Consultant in blue-infinity's Portugal team. He leverages functional and business areas in order to accurately understand “what” needs to be built, before detailing the “how”.