“The biggest benefits that AR and VR can offer brands is that it’s a new medium to customise their brand identity.” - Julie Huynh, VR & AR developer at Isobar U.S 

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People-based marketing is all about meaningful experiences


Market to known individuals instead of unknown personas. Now we’re finally at the point where aspiration is becoming reality. Read more

Catch up with Julie Huynh, VR & AR developer at Isobar U.S


Julie’s expertise in traditional creativity and craft influenced her move into creative technology. Read more

Google is now using deep learning to measure store visits


Google is announcing a major update to its store visits measurement tool at its Google Marketing Next conference. Read more

Could AI revolutionise high street retail as well as ecommerce? 


Whilst some of this ecommerce tech is still in its early days, automated merchandising optimisation is of particular interest. Read more

Fashion and technology all-in-one


Smart fabrics and power laces are just the beginning. Amazon, Apple and Google, three of the biggest names in tech, are all trying to carve their own path into the fashion space. Read more


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