How was dreamOlé ’17?

dreamOlé has been one of my best experiences within the Salesforce Community. The idea started at London Calling ’16, the first Community-lead event that I attended, in which they suggested community members replicate the event in their home countries.

 As a member of the Salesforce France Community I committed to co-organising French Touch Dreamin’, and to organise such an event in Spain.

Around Christmas 2016 several enthusiastic Salesforce colleagues and myself were getting ready for dreamOlé: Agustina, Alba, Carlos, Carolina, Ines, Julio, Roger and Yasmina (leaders of User and Developer Groups in Spain). We worked really passionately, with regular early morning calls to coordinate a successful event. It's been such a pleasant experience working with this team who have become very good friends.

Now that dreamOlé’17 is over I miss the thousands of messages on Whatsapp. In this whatsapp group we had the idea of a “WTFAQ” which at the end took a prominent place in our event, with experts such as Chris Edwards, Fabien Taillon, Simon Goodyear, Eugenio Roldan answering any sort of Salesforce related questions.

The day started with Erica Kuhl’s keynote, who wore a flamenco flower, and who spoke about the importance of the “Ohana” concept within Salesforce, sharing an inspiring Success Story of how the community helped an attendee to change their career. We had several sessions and workshops for Developers, Admins and Users of different topics, and finally Eugenio Roldan’s closing keynote, in which he shared how he became the first Certified Technical Architect in Spain.

blue-infinity took part in the demoJam and our colleague Enrico Zelocchi did a really nice job doing a live demo in only 3 minutes!

Some numbers: 140 attendees, 13 sponsors, 2 keynotes, 17 Sessions, 1 demoJam, several after parties!

We hope to see you next year in Barcelona for dreamOlé ’18, so please stay tuned here.

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About the author

Laura Diaz

I am a Salesforce passionate working as a Senior Consultant at blue-infinity and highly involved with the Salesforce Community as the Geneva Salesforce Women in Tech Leader, Paris Women in Tech Co-Leader, Suisse Romande Developer User Group Co-Leader.