Takeaways from Salesforce World Tour Paris

I remember my first Salesforce World Tour Paris in 2011. We were in a tiny luxury hotel with 250 people and Chatter didn't exist. Today is my 7th year in a row on this unique roadshow – let’s call it SFWT - and it's always incredible to see how it grows bigger every year.  

Here is a recap of the blast we had in Paris if you missed out this year.

Become a Trailblazer

Before 5,000 attendees the keynote started with Salesforce President and Chief Product Officer, Alex Dayon about "Becoming A Trailblazer." You cannot miss Trailhead which is becoming one of the most innovative online learning systems around and "the fun way to learn Salesforce". Whether Salesforce newbie or geek, you have to stay on top of every new release, since each provides more features and products to become a better consultant. If you’re not keeping up with the hottest trends, you will definitely become old-fashioned. So, get badged!

Einstein is getting ready

Every SFWT keynotes inexorably introduces a bunch of brand-new technologies. This year’s was Salesforce Einstein’s turn – the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning system - that unified a number of companies Salesforce has purchased during the last couple of years. “Our goal is to create a smarter CRM without transforming our customers into data scientist but by easing the use of AI within their business processess” said Alex Dayon, Chief Adoption Officer, Salesforce. By empowering companies to better connect data and predictive insights with their clients, AI will radically change the industry. Features like Predictive Search will increase average mobile sales of 14%, and most of the 14 Einstein features currently available are targeting B2C. 

Even if today is more focused on demos, the main presentation by Michelin showed us how AI can make recommendations based on the weather forecast provided by IBM Watson, and letting chatbots generate meetings and quotes for retailers. This looks still a bit like science-fiction today but we can be sure that Dreamforce San Francisco next November will bring much more information about Einstein.

Introducing the Commerce Cloud

Salesforce's acquisition of Demandware, a recognised leader in the digital commerce market, was also a huge topic this year. This will extend the company's CRM leadership with what is now called the new Salesforce Commerce Cloud.  To compete with buyers dictating the terms of engagement nowadays, retailers must efficiently spread their value proposition in a seamless omni-channel brand experience. In addition of Einstein and Marketing Cloud, these three clouds will be clearly the stepping stones for reaching beyond the current Salesforce landscape.

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Brendan Le Thuaut is a Salesforce expert and team manager who brings passion for disruptive innovation and its impact on customer experience.