“AI helps us move to the future and we have to embrace it. It can revamp our industry. It helps augment creativity. You can predict where the problem arises so that it can be fixed even before it comes up.” - Jean Lin Global CEO Isobar 

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Cannes Lions 2017: Jean Lin & Wei Lui discuss AI vs EI 

Campaign India

During the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Jean Lin took to the stage with Wei Lui, head Tencent AI Lab to talk about AI and how it can impact the future of creativity. Read more

iProspect & Isobar partner with DIAGEO to promote Alexa


The trio worked to launch a voice test and learn initiative to help brands to discover the potential of voice technology enhancing the human experience. Read more

Jean Lin Global CEO Isobar visits blue-infinity


We were thrilled to welcome Jean Lin to blue-infinity HQ Geneva, where she addressed future trends, technologies, collaborating across the network, and her goals at Cannes Lions 2017. Read more

Flock wins Mexico at Cannes 

Flock Linked by Isobar 

Talking Hands Therapy was done by Flock advertising agency for Mexican Foundation For Rheumatic Patients. This impactful campaign obtained a bronze award at Cannes Lions. Read more

Facebook’s AI accidently created its own language

The Next Web

Researchers from the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research lab (FAIR) recently made an unexpected discovery while trying to improve chatbots. Read more

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