Meet our People: Rafik

Meet the diverse people at blue-infinity that help make us distinctive. Rafik Hanbli is a key member of our SFDC ( team at blue-infinity.

Rafik found an early calling in technology.  Disassembling televisions and vacuum cleaners at five years old and developing applications at 13, Rafik enjoys electronics and automation. “I like setting up and dismantling computers. My friends and I were challenging each other through speed competitions where we tested and repaired applications.”

With a Master's degree in Information System and over 10 years’ experience in digital within different large and medium sized companies, Rafik now advises our clients on IT system implementation and supports them in achieving their digital vision. “With my CRM experience and knowledge, I support our clients in their digital journey and help guide them to the right technical choices - for successful results.”

Rafik’s main role is to translate business needs and requirements into IT specifications and manage the implementations. Rafik is fully behind the digital revolution and the world's No.1 CRM solution (SFDC), which represents a new vision in CRM.

Rafik explains how Salesforce's new AI focus, the Einstein platform, will allow revolutionary new services to flourish across a large range of industries. These new tools will help reinforce client relationships, optimize operations, and accelerate deployments.

blue-infinity has a world-class Salesforce team and are experts in digital. I feel our team is poised to take advantage and deliver the very latest in Cloud and IT solutions,” says Rafik. 

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