From the Atlantic Coast to Appway

The spark that started blue-infinity Linked by Isobar's relationship with Appway happened during Appway Sphere in September 2016.

Appway needed to find reliable partners that could rapidly on-board experienced developers for implementation projects, as well as to support our internal initiatives. Rapid growth led us to think bigger, and experiment with how to scale successfully. It was immediately clear that blue-infinity's combination of in-depth expertise, agility, and culture would make them an ideal partner for this adventure with Appway.

In just a few months, blue-infinity built a strong Quality Shore team in Portugal, offering Appway development and support capabilities. Some of these experienced Appway developers are now contributing remotely to implementation projects based in Switzerland, Germany, and the USA. Some are also part of our Application Development team, working on internal projects for us — like helping us create this Community Platform for example. We've also welcomed blue-infinity developers as members of our Solution team, contributing to the evolution of Appway onboarding, and other innovative solutions.

Edgar Domingues, a blue-infinity Appway developer, explains how such a strong and skilled team came together so quickly: "We have a proven onboarding process in place that helps developers rapidly on-board with the Appway platform. blue-infinity’s custom three-week training program teaches developers the fundamentals: from completing Appway Academy onsite training, to practical tests, development challenges and real world application development, all accompanied by our mentors."

Michele Sassi, Applications Lead at Appway, manages a blended blue-infinity and Appway team developing internal applications: "The blue-infinity team quickly integrated into our Agile development approach, and within a few short sprints we were able to create a solid relationship between all the team members — which proved fundamental for the resiliency of the development streams that resulted in a successful final product."

He also recognizes how beneficial blue-infinity's Appway training program was, as "the cornerstone on which blue-infinity was able to prepare their developers to jump-start into our streams."

For Michele, a major enabler is the presence of a Practice Lead, Ricardo Santos (who you maybe recognize from our Beta Day video!). "Ricardo has helped guide and harmonize the blue-infinity/Appway experience, minimizing issues faced during team onboarding and ultimately shortening the process; he's also a consistent presence able to react, and proved vital in relationship building and management."

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About the author

Valérie Bauloye
Valérie Bauloye

Director & Head of Customer Success at Appway, leading a transversal organization through regions APAC, EMEA, NA.