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In May 2017, blue-infinity Linked by Isobar welcomed industry professionals to a Benchmarking Customer Experience event in Prague. “Thought leaders and digital transformation experts shared their know-know with the Czech business community at an exclusive brunch, co-hosted by our partner, Salesforce” said Daniel Urminsky, Digital Practice Manager Czech Republic, blue-infinity Linked by Isobar.

Enrico Zelocchi, Managing Consultant blue-infinity Linked by Isobar addressed the audience. “Understanding how our clients are mastering CX today is key and I believe that the number of attendees at this event has demonstrated how CX mastery is fundamental in the current competitive landscape. For all brands and companies worldwide … it’s never too late to improve your customer’s experience and put them at the centre of everything you do.”

blue-infinity’s team boasts +600 digital experts, and the largest Salesforce competency centre in Switzerland.  Frédéric Demierre, Head of blue-infinity’s DAN CoE Salesforce attended the event in Prague. “If CX Strategy and Salesforce implementations get out of sync, then you can miss out on ROI so we teach businesses how to define return on CX investment.” Linking all digital touchpoints into one platform is a key client focus and a unique added value of the blue-infinity team. “We consolidate data for increased accuracy in performance analysis, targeted communication actions, and converting prospects,” added Frédéric.

Furthermore, speaker David Hicks, CEO TribeCX, demonstrated that successful organisations have to determine CX metrics, mapping and set benchmarking. “Consistently great experiences don’t happen by chance. They are the outcome of a deliberately designed customer journey,” he said. Customer metrics are vital in getting an “outside in” view of the organisation. Frighteningly, only 10% of organisations will act and deploy based on received customer feedback.  Mapping enables the analysis of E2E journeys and ensures customer metrics are aligned with specific journeys. Moreover, benchmarking allows one to differentiate themselves and set the bar within the industry.

Dave Thomson, Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce claims that consumers are victims of “information overload” and demonstrated how organisations could incorporate and embed practices to please and engage their customers to which Enrico added, “customers should be at the heart of a company’s business model." Similarly, Paul Hendriks, Digital Transformation Executive & Entrepreneur demonstrated that digital organisations significantly outperformed firms in terms of customer satisfaction, innovativeness, growth and profitability and thereby businesses should “digitally transform much faster.”

It’s crucial to not only put the customer first but to understand and delight them. “During our time together, it was encouraging to see how the conversation on CX moved from insights and ideas to concrete actions. We were thrilled to see every participant leave with a concrete toolkit on how to tackle their own CX,” concluded Enrico.

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Alix has 6 years experience in marketing & communications and is responsible for effectively promoting blue-infinity's mission.