For those not enticed by fluffy marketing slogans, there should be plenty more to tempt you at dmexco. It’s the place where the great minds of ad tech come together and shine a light on the future of the industry. 

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What to expect from dmexco 2017 

Exchange Wire

The 2017 dmexco conference takes place in just two weeks and, for the world of ad tech, it is the beacon event in the advertising calendar. Read more

CX is mainstream now, so what’s next ?


We must start thinking about what the next innovations and trends will be to drive viral, transformational change. Read more

Salesforce AI to democratize SQL


Despite it’s simplicity, SQL’s learning curve is still steep enough to prevent many people from interacting with relational databases. Read more

Google boosts security for Android owners

Digital Trends

Google is introducing an additional way for users to make sure their Android devices are safe and secure. Read more

Tool to detect racism and sexism in software 


Scientists are learning how to sniff out biased algorithms using clever code – and now anyone can use their methods. Read more

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Stélla Humbert

Stélla is a creative mind and autodidact with 7 years of sales experience including 4 in the luxury industry of beauty and customer experience. She has a great interest in digital influence and is interested in the behaviour of consumers following the digital evolution.