Salesforce for lifescience: our contribution to saving lives

In the pharmaceutical industry, companies aim to develop close relationships with different stakeholders but mainly with HCPs (Healthcare Professionals), so they can successfully retain their current customers whilst acquiring new ones.

Pharmaceutical detailing has a positive effect on the number of new prescriptions written by a physician, the most important source of revenue for the industry. Due to an increasing number of patients per physician, HCPs have started to spend less time with pharmaceutical sales representatives. Using Salesforce facilitates the interaction between all parties through the possibility of personalisation. With the help of omni-channel integration, any information “on the territory” can be easily shared, for instance, a sales rep will know if a doctor called the call centre with a medical enquiry.

In today’s pharmaceutical world, sales reps need to become relationship managers rather than product messengers. Therefore, it’s essential that a Salesforce team establish real and honest bonds with their customers. While contacting customers face-to-face is certainly valued, approaching HCP less, is even more. HCPs prefer to choose how and when they will be contacted and don’t have the time to meet more than 2-3 sales reps. Relationships with HCPs should be built around their profile, needs and requirements.

The capabilities of a well-formulised CRM can create a positional advantage and significantly improve the performance of a pharmaceutical company. Our Salesforce solutions focus heavily on customer needs and wants. In order to build better customer retention, pharmaceutical marketers need to understand the relationship from the customer’s viewpoint. As patients are the final consumers in pharmaceutical business, pharmaceutical companies are developing relationship with not only HCPs but also other stakeholders like patients, patient families, reimbursement professionals and so on.

blue-infinity Linked by Isobar: Salesforce Platinum Partner, local and global

With a total of 120 dedicated Salesforce experts, blue-infinity Linked by Isobar is a Salesforce Platinum Partner with Salesforce experts with more than 16 years of experience on CRM implementations in the pharmaceutical and life science industry. 

blue-infinity offers pharmaceutical solutions to manage stakeholder relations with an omni-channel approach tailored for client’s specific requirements.

  • Sales Cloud for all traditional CRM modules like account management, call reporting and tracking, sample management, promotional material management, eDetailing integration, Congress and Event Management and so on.
  • Marketing Cloud for all digital marketing needs to cover the customer journey with emailing, SMS and also social media marketing.
  • Service Cloud for Medical Inquiry Management, Product Return Management and Call Center Integration.
  • Track & Trace, our Salesforce platform application able to serialise and verify products complices issues with EUFMD 2019 and other international regulations (consumer confidence and brand integrity).
  • Einstein for Artificial Intelligence to focus on what matters most for HCPs, by providing relevant data to the salesforce team that needs it, when it is needed and by automating simple routine that take time away from added-value tasks.
  • Mobility Solutions with Offline Capabilities to serve better to pharma salesforce team needs.
  • IoT Cloud for better managing patient relations, patients’ health status and treatment protocol tracking just in correct time.
  • Community Cloud to create HCP collaboration and patient communication platforms integrated with all other Salesforce products.

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