Isobar discusses experiential tech, disruptive innovation and diversity at Spikes Asia.

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Embrace your inner misfit at #SpikesAsia

Isobar Global

Gianni Gurnani, creative director by day and performer at night talks about diversity. Read more

Salesforce Basecamp Geneva


The latest stop on the Salesforce tour - Geneva - was a huge success. Check out the action from #SalesforceBasecamp where we presented on customer success. Read more

Clean design really is better


EyeQuant used machine learning to show just how impactful uncluttered design can be. Read more

Never again will you have an ugly couch!

Digital Trends

With a new app by Ikea, you can use augmented reality to “see” potential pieces of furniture in your home. Thanks, Ikea Place. Read more

NASA designed low-tech Rover for Venus 


Venus is not pleasant. It’s surface is approximately 454 degrees celsius. But, how did NASA collect data? Read more

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