“We’re meeting some exceptionnaly talented students interested in big data, user experience, digital marketing and more at EPFL Forum.” said Ronan McKeon, Resourcing Team Manager.

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We're at EPFL Forum


Our #DigitalAddicts are sharing their expertise and experience with students during this two-day careers event in Lausanne. Read more

Isobar launches latest Digital Strength Index 


Which hotel is ahead of the game? Isobar’s report focuses on how the hotel industry can retain consumers by embracing digital. Read more

How brands are using AI to drive mobile purchases

Digiday UK 

“This solves a few mobile pain points: You’re creating an app-like experience in real time, while making a custom journey for each user.” said Bud Goswami, lead data scientist at Qubit. Read more

A smart city needs a smart crosswalk

Digital Trends

This innovative, futuristic concept uses object tracking and LEDs to adjust virtual markers on the road depending on what is happening at any given moment. Read more

What astronaut training looks like from the inside 

Fast Company

VR masters and filmmakers worked with NASA, SpaceX, and the Russian space program to give us a glimpse inside an extremely rarefied world. Read more

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