Our team attends Firebase Dev Summit Amsterdam

A few weeks ago, our mobile solutions experts, Luis Nunes Practice Manager Mobile Development and Grégoire Aubin Mobile Solutions Senior Consultant joined thousands of attendees at the annual Firebase Dev Summit in Amsterdam to view the latest features and product releases.

Firebase is Google’s mobile and web apps development platform which provides organisations with functionalities and analytics to create optimised apps to grow their business. On what this means for our clients, Grégoire explains, “Firebase Dev Summit gives us the tools to be one-step ahead for our clients by giving them what they need; innovation and apps that engage their audience.”

The highlights

The #1 performance in software development kits (SDK), Crashlytics is now fully integrated in all Firebase mobile projects allowing businesses to pin-point the exact line of code their app crashed on.Organisations can focus their time on resolving crashes rather than finding the issue but Crashlytics goes beyond this feature by also providing real-time analytics such as growth, retention and engagement.  

The importance of analytics is Firebase Performance Monitoring which gives businesses an insight into their apps performance from a user’s perspective, such as response time, payload size and success rate which measures network and server failures. Luis explains how Firebase goes one step further, “The impressive open source tool, Fastlane, facilitates deployments by preparing the platform and necessary app for submission.”

Google’s machine learning technology, Firebase Predictions, uses analytics data to create dynamic user groups to predict behaviour. A business would be able to easily re-engage a user group who is predicted to churn or segment audiences such as “will spend” or “will not spend.”

Luis concludes, “By combining the extensive possibilities of mobile with our omni-channel expertise we can really enhance customer experience. Firebase Dev Summit gives us access to leading Google experts and trainings on new features and in turn, gives our clients a competitive advantage.” 

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