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Meet the people at blue-infinity that help make us distinctive. Jérémie Pape is an unassuming, respectful kind of guy - someone that is easily accessible and approachable for advice. 

Currently Practice Manager of our Digital Performance team, Jérémie is moving on with a new adventure, relocating with his young family to Canada after six years in Geneva. “I’d like to take an exciting step with my family. To find some new ground that is out of our comfort zone, where the kids can learn English, and take a fresh look from a North American perspective.”

Jérémie has made Search Engine Marketing and Advertising his passion; he appreciates both the concrete science behind site strategy and the client relationship element, “I enjoy advising people on digital strategy. SEM offers so many ways to improve brand presence.”

“The results can be immediate, they can be simple or complicated. But everyone can achieve them – that’s what counts” says Jérémie.

With a whopping 94% of businesses and 75% of consumer sales driven by online research in Switzerland, the key is pulling consumers into your brand rather than the classic push, “Nowadays, the user comes to you and says, what can your brand offer me? It’s a fundamental change for marketing and one which allows us to be more efficient.”

“Typically, we will go through pain points with the client. What are they trying to achieve? What are their long-term objectives? How can we benchmark their brand? It’s an open discussion and paramount to listen carefully.”

Jérémie talks of the shift in client investment, increasingly towards digital, “Our clients might traditionally budget for print advertising. Nowadays, customer interactions are wholly measurable, from click through, conversion, geo-tagging for in-store conversion… so we offer a concrete range of metrics to improve our client’s ROI.”

“One of the best ways of showing someone what they need to improve in their online business is to show them what the competition are doing. Reminding them their site is global and open 24/7. It’s quite the motivator and it’s immediately apparent – a simple Google search and the results are obvious.”

“Overall, if the foundation is right in SEM, then the site is set up to perform. That said, it’s not about quick wins to the detriment of long term gains and there are many improvements on offer,” he explains.

Down the track, Jérémie has some thoughts for the future, “Voice search is catapulting us into new possibilities for SEO. We’re preparing our clients for higher level semantics – seeing how customers look for products in their natural language, so the brand content can be even more specific and more appealing.”

Reflecting on his time at blue-infinity, Jérémie adds, “I’ve been happy to sit alongside a great bunch of friends. I’ve had the possibility to move internally, to change roles, gain confidence on different levels… We have real talent here, we’re true experts in our field.”

To those joining us, Jérémie advises, “Don’t be afraid to show your expertise, be humble, communicate, and share your experiences to help improve those of your colleagues.”


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