Meet our people: Daniel

Meet the diverse people at blue-infinity that help make us distinctive. Microsoft SharePoint expert and runner Daniel Moldoveanu approaches life with a passion and sense of personal fulfilment.

Daniel provides productivity solutions to a diverse range of blue-infinity clients, with a focus on SharePoint. His expertise helps creates smarter workplaces, by fostering engagement and collaboration by connecting people, information and processes.

“SharePoint is an incredibly powerful knowledge management system that allows organizations to access, fully secured scalable storage. Microsoft has also left the door open to third-party apps that fully integrate and provide a superior front-end experience. Nintex for example integrates SharePoint’s knowledge management system,” says Daniel.

Whilst advising an international organization with ties to both public and private sectors, data security and accessibility were critical factors. Cloud-based services at the time were becoming more and more robust, leading Daniel to not only advise migration to the cloud, but to rebuild the intranet in Office 365 and move most processes to Salesforce. He provided the client with easy access to fully secure, scalable data storage.

Anyone can learn SharePoint, but to be an expert it counts more to have the experience than knowledge about the latest updates. “Understanding the concept of the platform and how it should be used is a fundamental of being a successful SharePoint Developer,” says Daniel.

In tandem, Daniel has pursued a similarly challenging path in his personal life, “When I started running, I wasn’t motivated to be the fastest, it was just about getting through”. Through solo running, he eventually signed up for his first marathon, but the competitiveness almost made him give up entirely - or otherwise find a better way to enjoy the activity. His breakthrough came in 2014 after joining The Geneva Runners, observing differences between his solo escapades and running with a team of like-minded runners. 

Daniel noticed as he grew in his passion, his sense of well-being and attention span improved, “It humbled me, I knew my value, but maybe I was looking too high.” It allowed him to think with a calmer, clearer head, and consider different perspectives in his daily life. Since then, he has never looked back, “Pushing myself through running is like meditation, I don’t feel any pain, I’m just making the most of the moment. It’s a mental process.”

And he has accomplished exactly that, with a string of rewarding feats in his running career to date, counting ultra-marathons such as Zermatt 2016/2017, Eiger 101, Ultra Trail Lago d’Orta and Supertrail du Barlatay. Ultramarathon running is undoubtedly a massively demanding discipline, but the community is tightly-knit, grounded on respect for runners, as most see it as more of a lifestyle choice than serious competition.

“I almost reached a physical and mental breaking point during Barlatay. Signing up with little information on what lay ahead didn’t prepare me for a 87km night race in pouring rain.” What drove him forward? ”A sense of discipline, respect for the sport and the fulfilment it would bring me.”

What are his sights set on next? A certified monitor and running coach, his goal is to run the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc, a legendary ultra-race in highly unpredictable environments of 170km and 10000m of ascent. Beyond ultra-racing, Daniel would like to explore the world of Skyrunning, where races are situated atop mountains, participants perilously navigating jagged sky-high ridges.

Advice for would be runners? “It’s eye opening, it’s incredible because you can’t really describe it, it’s a feeling of well-being, it’s a feeling of being comfortable with yourself and being comfortable in any situation,” says Daniel.


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About the author

Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs

Daniel has been involved in marketing & communications in the Swiss technology industry, and supports blue-infinity's digital communications to internal and external audiences.