Claire Davey-Gerrard, DAN Global Community Manager of CSR on embracing a digital future, “Our guiding principles should centre on going the extra mile to work truly collaboratively with communities, through co-creation and two-way dialogue, on an on-going basis.”

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Can society keep up with the digital economy?


DAN's Global Community Manager of CSR debates the impact to society of a digital world, and how to build towards an inclusive digital future. Read more 

Facebook invents a new unit of time


A flick, slightly larger than a nanosecond, is a unit of time invented by a Facebook engineer, reducing incremental stutters in graphics and improving accuracy. Read more

CES2018: A future in development

Isobar USA

Another year, another Consumer Electronic Show. Isobar delves into the weird and wonderful innovations that could shape the future of digital. Read more

Rocket Man, is that you?


A self-playing piano has been spotted in London’s King’s Cross station, and a screen that, when looked through, shows a virtual vintage Elton playing away. Read more

Amazon's fully automated grocery store

The Guardian

Ever dream of a human-less grocery shopping experience? Amazon has opened a Seattle-based store, with no staff or checkouts. Read more

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Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs

Daniel has been involved in marketing & communications in the Swiss technology industry, and supports blue-infinity's digital communications to internal and external audiences.