blue-infinity first CloudCraze partner in Switzerland

We chat to Fabrizio Scamuffa, Salesforce Commerce Practice Manager,​ about what CloudCraze is, and why blue-infinity chose to partner with them.

The B2B Ecommerce market is booming. With the added pressure to decrease time to market, generate revenue, reduce costs and improve customer buying experiences, many B2B organisations like Coca-Cola and Adidas are making the strategic decision to launch commerce in the cloud via Salesforce. “When we look at B2B commerce, the one solution we turn to is CloudCraze,” say Salesforce. But why CloudCraze and what does it mean for agencies and brands alike?

Hi Fabrizio! Firstly, what is CloudCraze?

CloudCraze delivers robust B2B cloud commerce native on Salesforce. It allows businesses to generate online revenue fast and easily scale for growth. Its Customer-First Commerce reveals every interaction, capturing data across commerce, sales, marketing, service and more. B2B has many complex business functions, pricing models and workflows, which can become complicated to manage. This is why a truly seamlessly integrated solution like CloudCraze is key.

Why is there so much importance on B2B solutions at the moment?

B2B has not escaped digital disruption. Since the last decade we have seen online commerce growing tremendously by B2B customers who used to shun digital channels. Now B2B suppliers cannot choose between a great sales force and great digital capabilities. To drive growth, they need both. Many brands in the B2B area already tried to move into Ecommerce but are struggling due to legacy systems built in a heavy inflexible way, restricting their advance in digital.

What do businesses and brands currently use CloudCraze for, and how is it impacting Ecommerce?

With out of the box B2B Ecommerce features like quotes requests, marketplaces, automated subscriptions renewal, quick and fast ordering system, strong search capabilities, catalog and inventory management, multichannel supports and many others, CloudCraze provides a strong opportunity to drastically reduce the time to market and focus on what’s important, to rapidly increase revenue.

How will it help your clients and their customers?

The most powerful part of the solution is the combination of CRM and commerce which gives a complete overview of the customer journey. In fact this duality will give a 360° customer data tracking lead to purchase until all the after sales process. Brands can be proactive in terms of customer relationship building in order to increase sales and grow business. blue-infinity’s creative experts and UX designers deliver platforms like CloudCraze in user-friendly and streamlined interfaces for mobile. This makes B2B commerce more B2C-like in appearance and a premium digital experience.

How will blue-infinity be offering CloudCraze benefits?

Being a partner as well as the first in Switzerland means we can showcase the latest features and improvements to our clients upfront, keeping our customers at the core. An effective Ecommerce implementation centers on how the system can improve or extend a company’s core business and it should support the ability to deliver on this, not detract from it.

But what about other Salesforce solutions?

With trusted Salesforce infrastructure and core capabilities, CloudCraze provides infinite flexibility to extend functionality, add products and channels, and conduct billions of dollars in transactions anywhere. CloudCraze deep integration with Salesforce offers the possibility to interact with all other Salesforce Clouds like Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud and other Salesforce features attached to the clouds, like Einstein AI machine learning.

So in other words, it ‘customises’ Salesforce?

As a SaaS solution fully integrated in Salesforce, CloudCraze leverages core capabilities of Salesforce like shared databases, the use of standard and custom objects, localization, workflow rules, reporting and a full suite of other native features. Our team understand the intricacies of custom development, required in order to fit a brand’s specific business requirements. This is done by certified technical experts who understand the complete platform and deploy best practices.

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