All about Salesforce Marketing Cloud 2018: We chat to Srijeet Das, Marketing Automation Specialist

With digital marketing efforts struggling to follow changing customer behaviour, the latest from Marketing Cloud promises to empower marketeers, giving them the tools to provide a seamless customer experience, and easily apply cross-channel personalisation to win back lost customers.

Hi Srijeet! Firstly, what is Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an intelligent, integrated and collaborative platform that gives marketers the ability to have a 1-1 customer journeys with customers, across various channels and on any device. Brands have a 360-degree view of all their customers with key insights and can engage, drive engagement through predictions and nurture their customers in becoming brand loyalists.

What does the 2018 release mean for marketing and sales?

Previously, marketing professionals could only send one off emails from Sales Cloud. But now with distributed marketing, marketing teams can empower their sales network to add client journeys, for example a set of personalised emails that respond directly to a specific customer segmentation and targeted set of preferences. This creates a win-win-win scenario; customers experience is personalised, sales increase their engagement, and marketers are reassured of on-brand messaging and tracking.

With the increased importance of customer journeys, how easy are they to create?  

Customers interact with brands across numerous touchpoints and personalisation can increase sales substantially. Salesforce has released an additional six new Journey Builder Templates which are aligned with marketing best-practices. Dependent on an organisation’s Marketing Automation maturity, brands can choose a simple or advanced journey builder template or fully customise the communication flow for an enhanced customer experience. Even non-technical marketers can get started with basic customer journeys in Marketing Cloud to increase customer engagements.

How does Marketing Cloud help win back customers?

With Journey Builder Advertising, organisations can re-engage a subset of their target audience with Facebook advertising. Let's assume an organisation is using Journey Builder for their e-commerce business to re-engage customers. Now imagine, within the journey flows some customers click on the offer section of the email, and some don't. An organisation could now leverage Facebook advertising such as a banner ad, to attract customers who didn’t engage at first. Even better, they can do this based on a customers past behavioural attributes.

That’s great, but how can we track success of our Marketing Cloud investment?

The latest features will allow C-level stakeholders to measure the ROI of marketing automation campaigns along with some topline analytics report. Meanwhile, managers will be able to focus on defining each and every customer journey involving all the major touch points. With this Marketing Cloud release, Salesforce is going to help organisations and brands stay ahead of the game.

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