Meet our people: Marta

Meet the diverse people at blue-infinity that help make us distinctive. Marta Vicente plays a key role in developing employee relations.

Managing expectations has been key to Marta’s success, “Have your feet on the ground, so you can be honest to employees, and they’ll be honest with you”. Marta’s ability to connect with colleagues on a personal and professional level is a testament to her commitment.

As a child, Marta dreamt of being a lawyer or judge to help people find closure in times of trauma which led her to a career in guiding and managing people. She’s an inquisitive individual who relentlessly seeks inspiration and advice from peers to improve and develop the role of HR, her skillsets and understanding of millennials.

Being no stranger to challenges, she left her comfort zone for an opportunity as an HR Consultant for an accountancy firm in Angola. While admitting she had second thoughts at the airport, she saw it as a life-changing experience and gained a greater understanding of people.

Subsequently, Marta joined blue-infinity as HR Manager, in her new role she began to apply three fundamentals of Human Resource Management: proximity (listening to employees), performance and review . She also created greater awareness around HR such as onboarding, payroll and offboarding, “I’m used to developing frameworks, being close to people, and understanding the needs of an organisation”.

When asked how she sees the future for blue-infinity and HR, Marta says “Our projects will have a considerable impact in the digital space and HR will need to become increasingly agile to unlock the full potential of employees”.


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About the author

Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs

Daniel has been involved in marketing & communications in the Swiss technology industry, and supports blue-infinity's digital communications to internal and external audiences.