By Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs, 16th November, 2018
Meet the people that help make us distinctive, Jana Silarova is the Local Marketing Communications manager for Czech Republic.  Read more
By Jana Silarova , 13th November, 2018
Salesforce is growing extensively across Europe; The Customer Success Platform is proving to be a success in Prague & Brno, Silicon Valley of Czech Republic. Read more
By Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs, 9th November, 2018
"This win is testament to the brilliant talent and expertise of all our people and the wider network. It also underlines the collaborative culture of our business. We can’t wait to get started" says Jo Sutherland, Chief Executive Officer, Carat UK. Read more
By Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs, 2nd November, 2018
“According to astronauts, the moment when they look back at Earth from the great black sea, is when they realize just how connected we all are. In essence, how life has meaning. That meaning is each other, humanity, our fragility, and our expansiveness”... Read more
By Daniel Myburgh-Fuchs, 26th October, 2018
“Isobar has a deep tradition of Hackathons. Over the last four years, projects have lived on and evolved into great assets for Isobar and its participants.This year, we had high demand to solve a problem that could impact the world around us in a... Read more
By Smart Media, 22nd October, 2018
Pierre-Alexandre Riera, Senior Partner & Business Development Director, blue-infinity Linked by Isobar discusses, digital transformation, connected users and GDPR with Smart Media.  Read more