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Linux System Engineer


Digital transformation in the workplace is key to changing business. Our infrastructure, systems and support experts shoulder the responsibility of making the transition a smooth one. Are you excited about the ultra-connected workplace? Cloud? Bi-modal IT?  Do you want to be part of the digital revolution in the workplace? Then you’ll be right at home working with our diverse teams who are helping our clients through this change.


- University degree in Computer Science or HES Computer Engineering along with professional experience
- 4 years' professional experience managing Linux Systems/ networks/ databases
- Experience with server farms (more than 20-30 servers)
- Knowledge of system administration: bash scripting, kickstart, solr, Tomcat, Apache, PHP, XML, MySQL, Nagios
- Troubleshooting with Solr, MySQL, Escenic, Ldap
- Experience in complex web development
- Web development skills are a plus


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blue-infinity employees put every ounce of their passion into creating solutions that make our clients proud.  We’re all about building something meaningful that will last. We approach our work with thought and care and we want to work with people who do the same. Are you ready to push the boundaries of digital change?

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Marta Campêlo
Phone (local): +41 58 307 70 34
Phone (international): +800 307 70000
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