Digital Collaboration

Digital Collaboration

Foster and grow engagement, collaboration, productivity and innovation within your workforce and partnerships by connecting people, information and processes in an increasingly smarter workplace.

Think Generation Y.

Collaboration is an essential component of workplace transformation. Generation Y and Millenials are a growing percentage of any workforce and have been dubbed the ‘Generation Collaboration’. Their way of sharing and elimination of hierarchy engenders constant exchange with peers. Business has shifted from linear operations, to working in parallel - moving from waterfall to agile methods of collaboration.

We don't solely deploy tools. We help clients create a unique collaborative environment that is adopted and fed by their employees. One that nurtures innovation, improves productivity and accelerates time-to-market.

56% of Generation Y prefer to work flexibly and choose when to work, and 79% prefer to be mobile rather than static workers.

Ernst & Young 'Spotlight on the CCO' 2015
Digital Collaboration
Our expertise includes

Strategy (including Social), Analytics, User Research and requirements, Information Architecture, Responsive Design, Development, Migration and Content Production.

Frequently-used technologies/tools

SharePoint, Sitrion, Jive, Beezy, Jira, Wiki, Yammer and Documentum.

Brands we work with include

Pictet, Japan Tobacco International, Rolex, Philip Morris International, Teledis, The International Olympic Committee and ECA.