Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation

Increase business agility, productivity and compliance to changing standards by renovating and digitising internal processes while capitalising on your existing systems.

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An essential part of workplace transformation and business agility is the digitisation of business processes. Who doesn’t want to automate the tedious manual process that slow operations down? Or empower their employees to work more creatively? Drive innovation?  The challenge is that this means rebuilding applications, whilst keeping current back-end systems.

Our technologists, User Experience team and business analysts combine process re-design, usability, rapid prototyping and agile development to achieve leaner user flows and increased adoption. Our work has enabled digitisation of countless processes, including complex CRMs, Human Resource Management Systems, decision-making tools and administrative workflows, notably across large organisations.

Lloyds cut the time it took its staff to close old accounts from 30 minutes to 3 minutes.
The time required for customers to transfer money to Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) reduced from a couple of days to within 24 hours.

Cap Gemini 'Backing up the Digital Front' 2013
Digital Process Automation
Our expertise includes

Business Analysis, User Experience, Business Process Automation, technology benchmarking, Technical Architecture, Information Architecture, UI Design, custom and proprietary development, data mapping and migration, application maintenance and support.

Frequently used technologies & tools, Appway, Oracle, Bonita, Adobe LiveCycle, K2, Oracle SOA Suite, Talend, Microsoft technology, J2EE technology, Peoplesoft, HR Access, SAP.

Brands we work with include

State of Geneva, State of Vaud, WHO, Pictet, Credit Agricole, Philip Morris International, ECA.