Digital Services

Digital Services

Improve your customer experience and satisfaction by providing modern user-driven and secure e-banking, e-government and e-insurance services.

It's e-asy.

Clients expect the same seamless journey from insurance, banking and government services as their favourite brands – knowing what they want, providing it fast, everywhere, all-the-time, and on every device. Digital transformation in this arena is particularly complex due to heavy legacy systems, as well as legal and compliance obligations.

We are effective in helping organisations improve their services and remain competitive for one simple reason: we understand the digital customer and their expectations. We help organisations design and implement new services for customers as well as the necessary internal processes and tools.

Bain & Company’s 2014 survey of more than 158,000 consumers in 18 countries found that the share of digitally active customers ranges from 35% to 70%, and over the next three to five years, 79% of consumers said they will use a digital channel for insurance interactions.

Bain & Company
Digital Services
Our expertise includes

Strategy, Big-Data, Analysis, Process Improvement, Technology benchmarking and Architecture, User Experience, Interface Design, Security, Development, Data Migration, Integration and Training.

Frequently-used technologies/tools

Java, .Net, php, javascript SAP and Oracle.

Brands we work with include

State of Geneva, State of Vaud, Assura, Romande Energie, and the IRU.