Digital Tracking

Digital Tracking

Protect your brand, secure your supply chain and fight illicit trade through our suite of solutions that is currently used to track and trace over 10 billion items across the globe.

Guaranteed since 10 years.

blue-infinity's AIT Central team is the only team providing end-to-end track and trace integration worldwide with a fully packaged solution. With new legislation being enforced within the tobacco industry, blue-infinity’s AIT Central helps ensure full compliance and brings over 10 years’ experience in helping preserve brand integrity. Since 2004 we have deployed our solution in 105 countries, on 400 production lines, across 1,600 tracking locations.

AIT Central comes in four flavours, as well as ​fully packaged services to deploy, operate and manage AIT Central track and trace technology:

  • AITCentral Tobacco offers a solution to help ensure the latest product regulations are met and deployed by the only end-to-end integrator worldwide.
  • AITCentral Luxe is an easy-to-deploy range of mobile applications for digital warranty activation to reassure discerning customers with robust authentication solutions and zero-tolerance counterfeit measures.
  • AITCentral Pharma offers end-to-end serialization, tracking and authentication for pharmaceutical companies including integration with existing production lines, data security and reliability.
  • AITCentral FMCG ensures production line uptime on a large scale, leveraging our experience of big data compression tracking billions of items worldwide.
Digital Tracking
Our expertise includes

Application development, data migration, change management, ITIL service management, integration, training, and more.