"Technology today plays a key role in driving relevance, scale, and elevating human experiences. It is our job to harness its wonderful power and the potential for businesses and brands, in serving people better in the age of Augmented Humanity” says Jean Lin, Isobar’s Global CEO.

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Isobar launches Augmented Humanity trends report

How will humanity work in harmony with technology to expand and enrich life in 2019?  


When data bites back

From Facebook's breach of user data to accusations of racism in Netflix's movie suggestions, data without a strategy could be an obstacle. 

The Drum

Furhat Robotics

What roles will social robots play in our society? A Swedish company hopes to leverage them as a key tool in training and development..


Can blockchain & GDPR co-exist? 

Is it possible to have a blockchain system that is inherently GDPR-compliant?


The modern Microsoft

For the first time in five years, Microsoft has redesigned their icons to reflect recent changes.

The Verge

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