Anthony Dupré

Anthony expects his teams to do whatever it takes – that in reality, nothing is too big of a challenge

Anthony Dupré photo

Anthony believes in the selection of individuals who are talented team players, rather than lone stars. 

As Division Manager of Digital Marketing, Anthony thrives on change. He is driven, innovative and enthusiastic – qualities you would expect from someone managing the rigorous demands of developing tech start-ups and raising a family in-between. In this digital world, he feels that acquiring meaningful data and making sense of it is raising the bar for technological achievement. Painting a customer portrait that enables truly personalized interactions through all means accessible while staying true to the brand is key for many companies today. Anthony helps ensure the right mix of talent and the best performance possible – something he takes in his stride with a background in directing global teams and establishing management structures.

Although he grew up in France, Anthony spent formative years in the heart of Silicon Forest in Portland, Oregon. Prior to joining blue-infinity linked by isobar, Anthony threw his ambitions behind Janrain, a SaaS Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) product, acting as their VP of Engineering. His primary challenge was bringing order to a rapidly growing business, succeeding in meeting the increasingly complex customer demands while achieving a more scalable solutions. Prior to this, he built and nurtured the engineering team for ClearAccess, a startup in telecommunications, developing its flagship product which ultimately led to its acquisition by Cisco Systems.

Anthony expects his teams to do whatever it takes – that in reality, nothing is too big of a challenge. Having developed equal passion for software engineering and entrepreneurship, he later earned a Masters from EPITA Paris.

In his free time, Anthony’s always looking for new challenges and experiences – including traveling, archery, rogaining, bass guitar, sailing, motorcycle riding, parachuting, and log cabin construction.


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