Frédéric Demierre

Fred heads the largest competency centre in Switzerland

Frédéric has built our team into the largest competency centre in Switzerland

Geneva-born entrepreneur Frédéric Demierre is blue-infinity’s Salesforce Division Manager. Frédéric has built our team into the largest competency centre in Switzerland. His team of experts provide solutions for brands to improve their sales, customer relationships and customer services, with packaged e-commerce and Salesforce solutions that cover the entire sales cycle. Frédéric’s team serves diverse clients across the FMCG, media, biotech and luxury watch sectors.

With his expertise in digital CRM and e-commerce consulting, Frédéric founded Sales Conquest SA, which was acquired by blue-infinity in 2012. Frédéric transitioned to blue-infinity as Head of CRM & E-Commerce Solutions and Client Engagement Manager for key accounts. Frédéric has since increased our Salesforce competency centre to the largest in Switzerland, and growing.

The arrival of personal computers and game consoles in the 1980s was one of Fred’s early influences. It became his boyhood playground, developing his first game at 12 years old on a Commodore VIC-20 computer.  Besides software engineering and launching business ventures, Fred is a budding pyrotechnic and hockey coach. His alma mater is the Geneva Business School.

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