Tobias Hollritt

Tobias is an entrepreneurial leader who oversees a team of 12 digital experts, in Eastern Switzerland.

Outside the office, Tobias hones his skills as a keen barista in search of the perfect coffee, and otherwise can be found either spiking a volleyball or working on his tennis back-hand.

“A maximum of three clicks!” – the access rule that Tobias Hollritt applies to connecting with his digital world. Such an approach might have been coined by the likes of Google or Facebook but for Tobias, who was born in Germany’s Schwarzwald region, it is his expression of a direct, efficient approach in developing digital solutions. As Partner, he currently manages the consulting and business service team at one of our major pharmaceutical clients in Basel, Tobias is an entrepreneurial leader who oversees a team of 12 experts, focused on digital and mobile project management, for blue-infinity’s acquired partner IPS ExpertEase AG.

Tobias started out as a project manager and system engineer in the Mobile Device Management and content digitalization area. He developed large environments to manage the first mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Android from a back office location. In one instance, he helped deliver iPads to 25,000 sales people as a single device, removing their laptops. The harmony between technology and business capabilities has always been of interest to him, especially in the health sector. Since four years with IPS, Tobias has worked on the digitalization of disease awareness campaigns using Mobile Applications to improve the lives of patients and healthcare providers.

As dedicated to his professional life as to his hobbies, it is Tobias' passion to grow his team in skill and always be eager to learn new things. An open, 'go-to' person, Tobias has a simple responsiveness that helps drive business.  He likes to prepare plans that everyone can follow with a clear structure and strategy and sees blue-infinity as a great opportunity to build on previous accomplishments. The defining attitude of this consummate professional? “Stay focused on the things you do. If you fail, fail quick, stand up and try again.”

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