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A cut above the rest at Goldwell/KMS

Delivering a cutting edge Salesforce solution to empower professional haircare Goldwell/KMS sales representatives worldwide

Kao is a leading global manufacturer of premium beauty care brands that are recognized around the world for their innovation and quality. The market for professional haircare products is highly competitive and Kao Salon Division has two very strong global brands: Goldwell and KMS California. 

Beginning the transformation

Kao Salon Global Sales has started a business transformation initiative to establish industry leading commercial excellence program. The target is to establish the best performing and equipped sales teams by providing industry leading tools to create value for salon partners. New cutting edge platforms are provided to the sales and marketing teams in this context. These tools are fully integrated with existing group solutions.

Improving performance

Kao wished to improve performance through a professional mobile application. Our Sales Partner App provides full accessibility to sales information in an online/offline capacity, and interfaces with SAP, SalesForce and BI systems in the backend, synchronising very high volume of data in the process. By reducing manual work, there is more capacity for actual sales consultation.

Increased mobility

This solution transforms sales visit preparation and planning.  Across 20 countries worldwide, the 800 member multilingual team benefit from iPad mobility to better prepare and execute salon visits, analyse historical sales data on the fly, with a holistic 3600 territory view to perform as efficiently as possible their retail execution activities with fast and simple system connection anywhere.

Competitive edge

The app provides a true competitive edge for Kao, allowing the team to easily adapt to new business processes. HQ can also communicate promotional campaigns to the field and gain visibility in B2B planning. blue-infinity’s CRM Central™ mobile framework was the customisable Salesforce solution to address Kao’s needs. It helps promote a leading sales organization to enrich the lives of stylists, salon owners and their customers.

This solution transforms sales visit preparation and planning and covers a worldwide organisation present in 20 different countries, in multiple languages for over 800 users.