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Digital inroads for the IRU

The IRU required an end-to-end digital transformation of their online presence, involving key areas of content, design, and development.

IRU is the global industry association for road transport, driving the sustainable mobility of people and goods across the planet.

New content strategy and copy

Transforming the new brand’s high-level vision and values into messages that would resonate with the end user was a key challenge taken on by our UX team and external partners. To achieve this involved multiple internal stakeholder workshops and panels, external stakeholder interviews conducted with individuals and organisations from around the globe, as well as several user needs workshops. The output was a robust content strategy to drive the IRU’s digital voice, and over 150 pages of engaging copy that populates the site today.

Optimising UX

Following a lengthy content audit of an existing 1’000 page site, our UX team optimised the information architecture based on a combination of internal/external stakeholder input and UX best practices, delivering a set of ten new page templates . Through Axure, a large selection of wireframes provided practical examples of these page templates in use, and detailed functional specifications were added for the benefit of the development teams.


Our talented design team embraced the challenge of bringing this brand alive, creating a fresh design that helps to ‘drive’ key content. The site is fully responsive, and offers the content publisher a good variety of page templates, ensuring that content can be presented attractively and consistently, whatever the format. We collaborated on mock-ups through the InVision app, a tool that helped us to simplify and speed up client review and feedback.


Collaborating closely with the IRU’s IT team, we integrated the front-end in parallel to a full CMS upgrade to Drupal 8. Whilst back-end development was handled in-house by the IRU, the switch from the organisation’s previous CMS to Drupal 8 required our technical expertise, being based on site at the client for two months to ensure a seamless transition. The development phase was a success, with the MVP launched on time at the IRU’s annual congress in April.

Transforming the new brand’s high-level vision and values into messages that would resonate with the end user was a key challenge.