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Digital strategy for Visilab

Engaging customers at key digital touch points

Visilab entrusted blue-infinity with their digital strategy, encompassing design and development of their corporate website, social media strategy, and SEO/SEA, in order to boost their online services and increase customer connections at digital touchpoints and retail stores.

A focused strategy

Visilab saw an opportunity to provide an enhanced service for their clients by using online tools. They recognised their website as key to driving business to retail Point-of-Sale, where staff are able to properly address clientele.

Since the launch of their website, blue-infinity has provided Visilab with digital communication consulting and solutions, including Community Management for the brand’s Facebook presence, event campaigns, AdWord campaigns and SEO.

Priority was given to the creation of new online services to drive retail foot traffic.

All eyes on SEO targets

In order to drive traffic to stores, blue-infinity set up a Search Engine Advertising (SEA) campaign for each retail outlet (65 stores) in order to direct users to their closest Visilab store, using localization of their search query.

Following the huge success of the campaign, the brand asked blue-infinity to manage all Adword campaigns. We have since implemented advanced functionalities such as "click to call" that allows mobile phone users to contact a retail outlet directly via search results on Google.

An improved online experience

The website showcases the complete range of Visilab products with a quick, clear navigation, and editorial content which focuses not only on product descriptions, but also on eye health.

Online services such as eye appointment scheduling, an easy retail store locator, user profiles and virtual eyewear try-on provide an enhanced offering and increased customer engagement.

Engaging social

blue-infinity also manages Visilab’s Facebook page, with a dedicated copywriter providing stimulating content which is published daily, according to a precise editorial calendar. This content includes brand news, promotional games with prizes, information about optical health and the involvement of various brand ambassadors.

Results are clear

After one year, CTR (Click-through rate) increased 250%, CPC (Cost per click) decreased 42%, bounce rates decreased 19%, and number of page views increased 45%

Thanks to the AdWords campaign, the number of store visits has increased by several hundred per month.

Visilab now has a Facebook community that is active and expanding, with an engagement rate of 9% and a growing number of fans!

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